Waarom Ishtar niet.

Waarom Ishtar niet, zeiden we een paar weken geleden. “Daarom Ishtar niet”, zeggen deze anderlandse bloggers.

  • Een groepje Ieren:
    “I personally cannot see the appeal of Belgium.”
    “The 10 countries , in no particular order that I think will qualify are: […], and Belgium (despite the dress)”
    “Now Belgium and the dress.  Its not the most appealing of outfits, red and white stripes that make her look like a strawberry swirl sweet!  Its the same static black and white backdrop.  For me, it’s such a shame that they did not use the backdrop from the Belgian national final.”
    “[…] still wearing that Strawberry Swirl Dress. Female backers seem to be wearing tiny black hats as well.”
    “The performance is […] demented […]. With that costume and those facial expressions it will be remembered, but perhaps not for the right reasons.”
  • Ene Jaunted:
    “We suspect the song might have more than a little something to do with the constant tension between his homeland’s French- and Flemish-speaking halves.”
  • Iemand die subtiel de nuances van haar aversie weet te omschrijven:
    “The walls come closer and closer until I can’t breathe, I feel trapped and then I only want to scream in full terror and fear. The stress is unbearable and I hate this song from the bottom of my heart. On top of that I irritate myself silly on the singer and that stupid nonsense language of hers. It would be a lie to say that I like the Belgian entry…”
  • Iemand die perfect de nuances van het lied zelf weet te omschrijven:
    Hearing a runthrough while we were riding the escalators has broken my brain. It’s lift muzak, it’s what you get played while you’re waiting to speak to someone on the technical support “help”line.”

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  1. Jan M

    Ishtar was bedroevend, beschamend, en ik ben blij dat ze eruit lagen.
    En dat ze daarvoor de schuld bij Oost-Europa steken -dikke onzin dan nog- gaat helemaal mijn petje te boven.

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